Each yoga class is different, depending on the energy of the students and adjusted to the 5 elemental seasons of the year. What remains the same is that each person will find their way back to themselves. Not all teachers are alike and not all classes are alike so what is the unique character of Claudia's classes?

Group classes take place at the Yoga Room on Thursday evenings at 20h15 and private sessions take place throughout the week. Contact us for further details.


"This is my favourite moment of the week, the oxygen after a stressful day at work and my chance to just be me"
"These classes are like no other yoga classes. Claudia uses her knowledge of imagery, shiatsu and ayurveda to further the benefits of asanas depending on the current time of year or any specific issue students may have. By the end of the class, you feel both relaxed and completely recharged."

My first yoga class was at the age of 17, in my London living with my mother (who used to be a yoga teacher). It was tough for me, as I did not feel physically flexible or necessarily able to grasp the nuisances of the postures.

But three weeks later, following a head injury, I learnt the true power of yoga. As I was lying on the ground, a woman came running over and yelled at me to "Breathe!" and something inside of me clicked into place: I knew how to dojust that from my yoga classes.

Instantly, the pain receded and I stopped myself from going unconscious. It was like a lightbulb switched on inside of me and I grasped the full reality of literally being able to take care of my own body, simply through the power of breath.


 You don't have to be a gymnast to do yoga. you don't have to be like Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna, all you have to do is be yourself and allow your body to show you just what its capable of.

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