What is facelift yoga?



Radiant health, shining beauty.

The legend of beauty: Cosmeos is a mythical Greek goddess whose name means harmony and balance: she personifies radiant health that flows from a core of inner peace. She does not seek to mask what she is but rather to enhance it and allow her inner beauty to shine.

Facelift Yoga is a unique combination of exercises that work to build and strengthen the muscles of the face, whilst smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles and refining the texture and tone of the skin.

Whereas botox and harsh external treatments work against the integrity of the body, this unique system works to respond to and create a long-lasting, healthy connection between the face, the body, our emotions and our energy.

The face really is a reflection of the body and tells the stories of our lives, visible or hidden to those around us. So what is your face telling you? Sometimes it tells us that we want to hide, to put on a mask but at the end of the day, there is no escaping who we really are. The only way through is to face it, clear it and move forward into a new space.

In Facelift Yoga, we verify. It's why we work on half the face to really see the difference of the exercises. Its no good doing an exercise if we can't see anything shift and change.

Each person is different and each face is a different reflection of that person. By using the mirrors of ourselves and others, we are able to see which parts require more time and attention and how to bring the different aspects of the face into balance. If you suffered a trauma as a child, do you think it will show in the face? Now how about if you have a tool to not only clear that trauma but lift and lighten the prospect of the future within a few simple exercises.


Beauty inside & out

The derivative of the word “cosmetic” is from the Greek word kosmeticos, meaning “skilled in adornment”. The original teachings of using cosmetics or beauty products are not about what makeup to paint your face with, but rather how to bring out your most beautiful self and allow it to radiate.

What do we do in a Facelift Yoga Class?

1. Facelift yoga poses

2. Facelift massage

3. Connective tissue release (the second level of the skin)

4. Acupressure

5. Beauty best practices & skincare rituals

A few words about BOTOX...
Did you know that botox is actually a fungus that literally "freezes" the muscles of the face by creating an allergic reaction in the body?
Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA), also called botulinum toxin type A, is made from the bacteria that causes botulism. Botulinum toxin blocks nerve activity in the muscles, causing a temporary reduction in muscle activity.
Imagine what this does over time to the liver, the kidneys, the lymphatic system, the nervous system and the immune system.
Don't you deserve better? We think you do! But don't take our word for it, try it and see the effects not only on your visible face but on the hidden aspects that create the face we present to the World each day.
You're beautiful, you just need to let that light shine through.

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