spring liver detox


Have you developed some bad habits over the Winter?

This is a workshop that I have given on numerous occasions and the biggest compliment that I have received is that it helps instill lifelong health benefits. 
Even small changes made over time strengthen the body sufficiently to make the bigger changes we know we need to face. So start slowly and gently but thoroughly and treat your body like the temple that it really is.

I'm not one for fasting or harsh detoxes but rather, finding a life system that contains new positive habits to help cut the bad habits.

Why break with tradition? You Spring clean your house, now how about your inner home?

Spring Liver Detox

What’s your poison? What gives you energy and what depletes you, puts you in a negative cycle like the salt/sugar spiral? This simple, yet effective workshop will kick-start new habits that suit YOU and fit your body and lifestyle. A simple yet effective mixture of yoga stretches for the liver meridian (the seat of anger and frustration in the body), imagery exercises, herbal tools and eating clean guidelines will get you ready for a true way of eating that feeds not only the body but keeps the mind alert and the emotions balanced.

Week 1: Prep

Week 2: Eat clean

Week 3: Integration

Full guidelines  are included in the workshop price, as well as online support (this is not a detox plan, nor will there be fasting, rather a way of eating that helps the body to regenerate and do its job effectively).

Spring is the time of the liver and gallbladder meridian according to Chinese Medicine. It is the time when old angers and frustrations rise to the surface and ask that we face them. The liver is one of the core cleansers in the body and the place where we store toxins of poor foods, drink and medicines.

Every Spring, nature has a Spring clean and this workshop will give your body the tools to naturally cleanse and strengthen this powerhouse organ. Free yourself of addictions and see an uplift in your energy and health.

In Europe, this is the time of nettle and dandelion soups - plants that naturally stimulate and support the cleansing process whilst nourishing and clearing the blood.

Spring into new habits

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