pRivate sessions


Isn't it time your first conversation is with yourself?

What is it you most need right now?

  • To manage stress in my life
  • To overcome exhaustion/burn-out
  • To embrace my potential
  • To return to a state of health
  • To clear obstacles and stuck stories
  • To transform a traumatic event
  • To sort out my work, home, family life
  • To learn to stand up for myself
  • To become pregnant
  • To have a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy & labour (check out Dreambirth by Dr Catherine Shainberg)
Private sessions last 50 minutes and are in-person or by Skype.

Dr Catherine Shainberg of tells the story that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote le petit prince in the living room of her teacher, Colette, the great female Kabbalist coming from a long line of Kabbalists dating back to Isaac the Blind.

During a given session, we start with what you need most. What is the priority? What is your body telling you? Through dreamwork and imagery (short visualisation exercises), you gently peel back the layers of time & old stuck pains, cutting the chords , freeing up energy and driving the focus to where it is you want and most need to be.

"Claudia is an incredibly gifted teacher, intuitive and caring."

Trained under the tutelage of Dr Catherine Shainberg, of the School of Images in New York, Claudia guides you to experience the real and complete transformation that occurs when you go inside yourself to find the true answers.

You do the work, you see the answers.

Imagery and Dreamwork comes from a long, practiced and verified lineage dating back to Isaac the Blind. The exercises are short and have been tested and verified over millennia, passed down from generation to generation.

Their power lies in the fact that imagery is an internal process; that by igniting the imagination, rather than the fantasy or projection of another, we are able to see clearly, respond to what we see and move into a new place organically. The exercises provide the catalyst for each of us to experience our own version of transformation.

Go within to seek the questions and the answers will appear.

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