my story



I was born to an English, Christian mother and a Sri Lankan, Muslim father. I grew up around the World attending non-denominational, Catholic, Buddhist-based, and Christian schools. I spoke different languages but remained rooted in the basis of English as my mother tongue. 

One of the most unique gifts that my parents gave me was the gift of freedom to chose my own spiritual path. At night we said prayers as a family:  two Christian prayers and two Muslim prayers. This seemed perfectly natural to me and not at odds with any particular ideology. 

I trained as a Western herbalist in the US, learning the rituals of the Native Americans. I became a Yoga Teacher and delved into the mysteries of Vedic wisdom predating Hinduisim. I trained in Japanese Shiatsu learning about Zen Buddhism and Chinese Medicine. I trained and continue to train in Dreamwork and Imagery from the Kabbalistic tradition rooted in Jewish mystism. The more I delve into the very essence of these traditions, the more I come to the same place.  It is both heartening and refreshing. A true verification that when we get to the root of truth, no matter how we get there, we realise that we are all one and the same.

As the Hindus say: many paths, one truth.

On the morning of my wedding in Sri Lanka, Dr Catherine Shainberg came and sat with me overlooking the ocean and asked me if I wanted to do a simple imagery exercise that Jewish brides were given before getting married. I instantly said yes and from that moment, an old forgotten World started to re-emerge. I was hooked. It took some time for me to get up the courage to ask to work with my teacher but once I did, there was no turning back. Through the work and the powerful teaching of my beautiful teacher, I was able to to find my way back to my true self and to embrace the different aspects of what makes me me.

I come from a business family but when I was little, I read a book called, Dibs and a spark of something new entered my being. I wanted to help people.

Its been a long round about road, taking me through business school, into small and large business, foundations, charities and governmental organisations to creating & operating my own spa and yoga studio in central Brussels, Serendip Spa. Whilst on these paths, I had moments of feeling like I was in just the right place and moments of feeling so utterly out of place but each and every experience has led me to where I am today. And for that, I am eternally grateful.


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