Power Beauty:

learning to make your own Skincare 

Mini Workshop
July 6th 2017 from 12h-16h
Learn to make your very own tailor-made skincare regime with pure, organic ingredients. We will make a face scrub, moisturiser, mask, spot zapper and body oil. During the workshop you will receive the recipes and take home the products that you have made.
27 Avenue Isidore Gerard, 1160 Brussels
180 euro (including all recipes, 5 products and teachings)

REDUCTION: 20 euro reduction for you and a friend  when you bring someone new

I have a dream that every little girl and boy will learn the secrets of making their own products, simply, creatively and suited just to their needs. Imagine the revolution through the skincare industry which is a billion dollar industry and growing, if all those "secrets"/chemicals were de-bunked and you could have better, fresher, clearer skin following simple methods?

As a child I faced many skin challenges: I grew up with excema and was badly burnt by coffee at the age of 7 on one side of my face and chest. It took over a year to look even halfway "normal" but the body is an amazing, recuperative being. I have seen more dermatologists than I would like to count, sat in oat filled baths, slathered petroleum jelly all over my body (oh, my poor liver!). It wasn't until I started seeing an Ayurvedic Doctor at the age of 17 who introduced the concept of simple oils to me that I dared to start making my own products (despite spending hours as little girl creating magical potions in the bathroom).

And it was then that my skin transformed. Finally, when I trained as a herbalist I met the incredible pixie-like Rosemary Gladstar and my journey of product creation fully started. I have often debated whether I would launch a full product line and whilst this is still a possibility, what I am very interested in is teaching people how to create their own products - how we can learn to move away from the commercial AND get better results.

I still dream of training teachers to teach their students -- imagine what a fun chemistry class it would be if you walked out with scrubs and moisturisers made from simple, pure ingedients. Wouldn't that be inspiring on a school curriculum?

SO come and join me with your friends and pre-teens/teens for a fun-filled day and come away with recipes, products and the inspiration to create your own skincare.

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