**NEW** Class series starting September 12th 2015.

Yoga is one of the few places that children can come and simply be. There is no competition, just a building awareness of their tremendous capacities.

Classes are given in small groups of up to 10 children and the focus is on playful fun, imagination, breathing and mindful focus.

Using simple asanas, storytelling, an introduction into how the body works, sound vibration and visualistion, children come back to themselves and allow their bodies to integrate the huge amount of information that they need to process in their daily lives.

Classes take place in Uccle on Saturdays from 10h-10h50.

Price: 65 euro (excl. TVA) for series of 6 classes

September classes starting on Saturday the 12th of September.
Sign-up for a free trial before the next cycle starts.

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