dream opening


Curious about your dreams?

Do you feel like there is a whole night-time World going on? But you're not really sure how to make sense of it?

Dream opening and imagery are an  insightful and fun way to bring the different aspects of our life into fullness. Many of us (myself included for many years) literally sleep away our night dreams, not quite grasping them in the morning so that they fall back into the fabricness of the subconscious. Can we really learn to recall and tap into this wealth of knowledge? In short, yes and I will show you how.

If this speaks to you, come along for the first class for free and then you can experience it first hand. Dreaming opens the World up and is literally revelatory, showing the aspects of ourselves and our lives that need our attention.  More than that, our dreams, once we start to interact with them help to develop our intuition and connection with ourselves. Dream opening (taught using the SaphireTM method of the School of Images) is like exercising a muscle that we have forgotten to use but one that strengthens and hones all the parts of our lives, not just our sleeping. Through learning dream opening we have the chance of a greater communication between our waking life and sleeping life, a sense that the patterns, the stories are all part of a bigger conversation, one that we can be a part of, not swept along by.

How much (please note that all prices exclude TVA)?

170 euro


repeat (if you have taken classes with Claudia or the School of Images in NY: 20 euro off the cost of the class(es)

bring a friend who is new to the work: you both have an additional 10 euro off the price

*if you have financial constraints but would like to attend, please contact me

Online & Onsite Dream Opening & Imagery series:

Tuesdays from 12h30 to 14h15

How long?
Tuesdays from 12:30-13:45 (dream opening)
Tuesdays from 13:45-14:15 (imagery class)


27 Avenue Isidore Gerard, 1160 Brussels (on-site)

If you live outside of Brussels, you can also call-in to join the Dream group

Dream Opening runs from 12h30 to 13h45 with an optional 30 minute imagery session for those that wish to stay until 14h15

You spend more than a 1/3 of your life doing it - now don't you want to master it?

"I have more clarity, more understanding and feel like I have discovered an incredible new gift. I am forever grateful for the support and guidance of this unique woman and teacher "


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