Ultimate 4 day detox


Blending Ayurveda, Massage, imagery & nutrition for the ultimate kick-start

Programme outline
(allow 1h30 on site per day for the 4 days)

Ayurvedic health consultation (with Dr Santokh)

Daily massage (with Dr Santokh)

Daily steam (to remove toxins)

Private consultation (with Claudia)

Facelift Yoga  (with Claudia)

Dietary plan

Ayurvedic health supplements

Detox herbal tea

Organic body scrub, face scrub & cream

Ultimate mind, body, emotion 4 day detox programme: 6 people maximum!

I am teaming up with Dr Santokh to give you a total body 4 day detox in 2017. Combining the best of Ayurveda, massage, imagery, nutrition, herbalism and facelift yoga, you will feel your ultimate best in a few short days.

The programme will start with an Ayurvedic health consultation and you will receive a daily detox Massage, a private tailor-made consultation, as well as supplements and herbal teas to aid the internal cleansing process, along with sumptuous smelling scrubs to aid the external cleansing process. You will be given a simple dietary plan to follow  during the detox. And to finish it all off, you will receive a finger-tip Facelift facial to leave you feeling gorgeous inside and out.

So sit back, relax and get into shape for 2017.

Date: Thursday-Sunday, 16th-19th of February 2017
Location: 27 Avenue Isidore Gerard, 1160 Brussels
Cost: 645 euro
(only 6 spaces available, so reserve your spot soon)

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