Dr Catherine Shainberg: 3 day Brussels workshop
 The Body of Light

Friday, June 17th to Sunday, June 19th 2016

What is "body"?  Why does it have five names and how is it connected to the five senses, the five elements, the five mystical worlds? By following the path the ancients have drawn for us, we travel the DNA ladder from the dense body to the subtle—exploring the senses, elements, and worlds through language and image.

In three powerful days, we will learn to harness each of the five elements to accomplish an experiential ascension beyond Time and Space into the Now. What does it mean to be in the Now, fully present?

It means we allow ourselves to experience the truth of our embodiment:

We heal our mis-alignments, using the Tree of Life as a road map.

We listen to the stories we have about our bodies and learn to “sound” healthier truths.

We tame the animals that would devour us in the wilderness of our land.

We step out of the old into a new world, facing the uncertainty and the doubt.

We dare to be alive and present to the living presence of God within.

Moving the body with Imagery is effective on a physical as well as a soul level. In fact, we must do it on all five levels. Attaining this state is referred to as “donning the coat of many colors”, the rainbow coat.


Practical Details

Price: 360 euro

Early bird*: 10% discount = 324 euro

SOI students (currently enrolled in classes with SOI NY)*: 15% discount = 306 euro

Brussels workshop former participants*: 288 euro

*Payment must be made in full by March 30th 2016

Private 30 minute consultations: 110 euro (please note that there are limited spaces, so it is advisable to request a reservation upon booking ).

Private consultations take place on Monday the 20th of June 2016 and can be paid directly on the day or by paypal.

Registration is only confirmed once payment has been made in full to the School of Images, New York. Please make your payment to via paypal. IMPORTANT: once you have transferred your funds, please send a copy of the receipt of your payment to and you will receive confirmation of your registration. Please note that no refunds are available.


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