stress, anxiety & burn-out


Stress, anxiety & burn-out:

reach for the oxygen mask

Price: 125 euro (early-bird 105 euro)
Location: 27 Avenue Isidore Gerard, 1160 Brussels

Does it feel like demand has surpassed supply? Has the demand on your time, your attention surpassed the supply of energy that you have to offer? When and how do you recharge your batteries? What do you do when it feels like you are running on empty?

The answer is simple. The practice takes work. We need to put on our own oxygen mask first and then help others. How do we do this? By going within. By learning about our natural rhythms and tendencies. By learning to press the pause button on all the chaos outside and inside.  Life is a mirror and all the chaos that we experience on the outside is simply reflecting the chaos we feel inside. By learning to clear up and centre, calm down the inner turmoil and remove the threads that pull us down, we can have the tools to re-boot ourselves and switch on our energy packs.

Using simple, yet effective imagery exercises to find the answers that fit our unique personalities, our unique blend of life with all its complexities and varying demands. With a few simple tools, in this workshop, you will learn to go back to basics, reset the rhythms of the body and rejuvenate. Inside and out.

Change your life, one step at a time and come back to the most important relationship you can develop: with yourself.

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