What happens in an Imagery Class?

Sit with your feet on the floor, hands and legs uncrossed and mouth slightly open, breathe out slowly, count backwards from 3 to 1. See the 1 as tall, clear and bright. Breathe out all that disturbs, tires, upsets, worries and obscures you. See it leaving the body like a light smoke, off to the left and out the window where it can be absorbed by the trees and plant life, transformed back into clear, pure oxygen. Breathe out one time slowly and ask the question, what is it that I most need, right now?

Through short, guided imagery exercises, we can reconnect to that inner knowledge and wisdom that guides us to come back to ourselves and clear away the debris that may be blocking us from reaching our full potential. 

If I look closely at the images that are inside and around me, I can start to interact with them, to change and respond to those that disturb me, and to integrate & build on the images and sensations that nourish me.

We all know that deja vu experience or the image that pops up unbidden when someone passes by wearing a long forgotten perfume. Science understands the importance of memories held in our cells, our sensations, the very image that we create of ourselves, now don't you want to understand it too?

It takes courage and bravery to face ourselves in the mirror and really see. It is also the greatest gift that you can give yourself.

Imagery and dreaming go hand in hand. They are what Ayurveda is to Yoga and Yoga is to Ayurveda. We use one to help the other and vise versa. An important part of dreaming is the tikkun or correction. If I have a nightmare and wake up, I need to go back into the dream with a simple imagery exercise and correct it, complete the story so that I respond to the necessity of the dream. Why am I having this dream, right now and at this moment? What is my subconscious asking me to face? How can I transform a difficult situation into a transformative one?


Imagery* 5 week cycle starts Monday 11th of April 2016 @ 18h30

Price: 150 euro*

Early bird (book and pay in full by March 1st): 15% discount = 127 euro*

Previous students, early bird (book and pay in full by March 1st): 20% discount = 120 euro*

Both classes together: 20% discount = 240 euro*

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Imagery classes adhere to the teachings of SaphireTM as taught by Dr Catherine Shainberg of the School of Images

*(excl. TVA)

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