Dr catherine shainberg



Dr. Catherine Shainberg is an internationally known expert in the uses of Imagery for transformation on all levels. She has designed and developed, in over 40 years of experience, modern applications for ancient science which have proved effective in thousands of cases. Whether the field is physical, mental or spiritual, her methods work quickly, simply and efficiently. Her method, Reversing, has proven results in areas ranging from childbirth to business management—including the successful use of Imagery for combat-related injury, PTSD, cancer and mental illness.

She has written two books on the application of her techniques: Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming, and DreamBirth.  Her upcoming publications will include books on Dream Opening and the uses of Reversing for trauma and risk management. Her published audios include: DreamBirth: Conception, DreamBirth: Pregnancy, DreamBirth Labor: Before, During and After, Imagery for Surgery, and Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming Guided Exercises. Her works are available in Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, Czech and Romanian, with translations into other languages in production.

Dr. Shainberg was born in London, England and raised in France. She has Masters degrees from the Sorbonne, l’Ecole du Louvre and NYU, and a PhD in psychology. She has a private practice in New York and lives in New York and Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

 Dr. Shainberg travels year-round to meet demand for live workshops, and in response to requests from international students, has created weekly online classes for Russia, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico, South America, Portugal, Belgium, UK and other countries.


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