Can you feel the chapter page turning as the light starts to stream into the New Year? I don't know about you but this past December has been a tough one for many of us. If you are Belgian-based there have literally been less than 24h of sunlight for the whole month and that's telling in amongst a supermoon, a mercury retrograde and some heightened planetary alignments. But what does it all mean? Is a tough period really tough just for the sake of being tough or because "that's Life"? Or is it sometimes the shock, the wakeup call that we didn't even realise we needed? Sometimes we roll through life accepting less than our highest dreams, our highest calling: be it the love, relationships, work, money, travel, joy, family, health that we truly deserve and then at some point we get a little shakeup that says, Hey, is this where you want to be? Are you going to let fear, the traumas of the past or worry for the future run your life or maybe, just maybe, is there another way to walk through and experience this World?

It's a fine balancing act between letting go of all expectations and dreaming as big as we can. What's the key? It's letting go with pure and true trust. Trust in the goodness of life, in the Universe, in YOURSELF (you've brought yourself this far through all your ups and downs afterall). We have to put our foot out there into the unknown and have the faith in ourselves and the Universe that life will meet us and the path will appear if we can just have that moment of wild courage to reach for something new. And then let it go, so that we can allow the conversation with life to occur, free from the binds of expectation of how we feel it should be. There are no shoulds in our highest ideals. We create our World, our Universe. All our experiences, "good" or "bad" are there to bring us back to ourselves, to help us evolve in some way if we can just allow it to occur.

Everything that seemingly happens on the outside is experienced on the inside and no one else can create, feel, experience your pleasure or your pain. Only you. And that's quite a responsibility, which is why many of us run away from it or look for ways to distract ourselves, choosing to blame the outside World in some way for our experiences.

So, as you start this year, make it about you. It is anyway. And I mean that with the most loving, generous of hearts. How can you come back to yourself? How can you get to know who and what you are? In truth this is the ultimate quest that we all go on. Imagine a World where each of us is simply ourselves and all that we can be. And start from this space, breathe out the old, let it go and then take a huge inhale and allow life to flow through you with all its nuances. And the World will reflect back just the people and places and experiences that reflect your inner magnificence.

May this year bring you back to yourself and all the shining beauty & love that that entails (its going to be a GREAT one).


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